TCA 25% peel; should I have a series of these peels or go higher?

Ok, just had a 25% TCA Peel done around my eyes, cost ($300) and I did frost, very white. It was a single coating. I'm 26 with static lines that bother me there. I get botox and fillers here too and use retin A. My skin was never red but crinkly, I moisturised and peeled completely in 2 days. Thought this was supposed to be an aggressive peel. There is some improvement, mostly texture and color but their still there. Should I have a series of these peels or go higher. They are rather expensive.

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TCA peels for rejuvenation

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Early days, I always say it takes 2-3 months before best results are seen. Collagen does take time to tighten. Good strength, depending on your Specialist skill they can add Jessners, or acetone scrub, or go to 30% or even higher... Be patient and  you will see the results. 
Dr Davin Lim Laser dermatologistBrisbane, Australia. 

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