Is it possible to get a sliding genioplasty without adding vertical chin length?

Also, is it possible to get a sliding genioplasty to reduce the deepness of the mentolabial fold?

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Sliding Genioplasty

The sliding genioplasty can be adjusted in all three dimensions based on the aesthetic needs of the patient. It is common to have the chin bone moved forward but not make it vertically longer.

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yes; in fact the tendency is to have it reduced in height; so as assessment presurgery is part of the process. As to the fold, it is important to  ensure it has a 'natural' curvature, since some facial growth patterns and dental positions can influence the lip to a large degree

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Sliding genioplasty to correct chin position

Yes, it's definitely possible to bring the chin point forwards but not down when moving the genioplasty segment of bone. That's the versatility of a siding genio! It is all dependent on the angle of the cut in the bone.It is also possible to fill the groove between the lip and chin (mental crease) with a small portion of bone that can be spared from the bone cut for the genioplasty.

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