Skin changed after a year and 4 months of primary rhinoplasty! Yet no explanation.

Am 31 and I had my surgery last year on March, 2015, immediately after couple of days I noticed something different in my nasolabial fold which become deeper and the hollow under eyes increased, When I asked my doctor and even posted in real self question about,everyone said its just swelling and i knew it was not, now more than a year and I still have same problem, is it because I had big hump and longer nose that the cheek skins falled down.I know my face was tighter a year ago only, how come!

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Skin changed after a year and 4 months of primary rhinoplasty!

Thank you for your question, ı would like to ask that you send photos age to see the dıfference of how ıt looks not sometıme the recovery takes longer then expected. At this moment ıt ıs difficult to give you evaluation as  the is not photos for evaluation to see how your face looks lıke.

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