Can silicone breasts that are leaking handle a breast removal & lift and tummy all performed in one surgery?

These 38 yrs old silicone implants are leaking so I was told at my last at my mama gram. One dr said don't worry about it, another suggested removal , lift. I also have wanted a tummy tuck forever. My frame is smal, 5'6", 135lbs, no major heath problems. I'm 62yrs old.

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Implant exchange

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You can get an implant removal/exchange and a tummy tuck often at the same time if you are healthy...

Tummy tuck and breast surgery

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If you have leaking silicone implants they need to be removed and replaced either with new silicone implants or saline implants. If your breasts are droopy you will also need a lift for best results. Both procedures can be done safely at the same time as a tummy tuck- what we call a Mommy makeover. If you are in good health your age is not an important factor!

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