Saline Injections for silicone injections removal?

I recently watched a video on Youtube of a doctor that injected a saline solution into where silicone was injected in to the buttocks. He said that the property of oil of separating itself from water and floating to the top allowed him to remove the silicone. He injected the saline solution and let it leak out of the top from a small hole, where apparently, a mixture of oil and the saline solution came out. Would this work for silicone injections that were injected in the radix area of the nose?

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Removing silicone from the body

Silicone can sometimes be associated with fibrosis and may not easily evacuate from the desired area if there is granulomatous tissue or fibrotic reaction. 

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Dilute triamcinolone acetonide injections may help with silicone overcorrection at the radix of your nose.

Silikon-1000 is 10 times more viscous than water, so it would descend to the bottom of a glass, if the two were mixed. Liquid Injectable Silicone should be considered irremoveable, as it becomes part of the soft tissues in your nose: it does not stay as a puddle of liquid.

Feel free to re-ask your question with photos, as dilute Kenalog injections may prove helpful for you.

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