Rhinoplasty missing operative report ? What should I do? Can I use the law ?

I had my surgery on March 2015, My doctor used my health insurance to perform both sinus and cosmetic surgery. However the results are not good and I need another surgery to correct the collapsed he caused in my bridge which i didn't have before. The problem when I asked him for the complete report he only provided me a missing one with info on the sinus part only. what if he keep refusing giving to me or didn't record the cosmetic one in purpose so he don't get in trouble. Can I sue him ?

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Keep good comunication

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I think if you talk to your Doctor on a formal way, with respect  he will give you all your information. Also writting a formal letter asking for it is a good idea.

All Doctors want the best for the patients, but sometimes complications can happen. No Doctor harms no patient on purpose.

Keeping good comunication and respect  is a good way to get everything.


Dr Hernandez Pizzoglio

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