TT: can I still be swollen after 5 months, do I have dog ears and is it necessary to extend my incision? (photos)

I had a tummy tuck in May 2016 and believe now that I have dog ears. At my 5 month check up, I based my concerns, but he stated I didn't have dog ears. In my initial consultation, I was advised I only needed a tummy tuck and lipo for back rolls and muffin top. Now, I am being advised the incision needs to go all around my back. No objection to that if that was first stated. Note, by no means, I am bashing surgeon, just want other opinions. Thank you.

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Accurate planning of body contouring surgery

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It is not always possible to predict the outcome of surgery in details. Time, at least 6 months for most body contouring procedures, is needed for surgical result to mature to the point that initial result of surgery may be critically evaluated. It is impossible to predict in detail elements like scarring, skin retraction, weight loss (or gain), postoperative swelling, seroma and multiple other factors involved in the process of healing. Reaction to surgery (surgical injury) may be very individual. For that reason surgical plan ( in your case conversion from abdominoplasty/liposuction to circumferential body contouring) may need to be altered based on residual "deformity". Even most experienced surgeons can not predict individual patient response to such a complex set of events. You should discuss your further plan of treatment with your surgeon having in mind that surgery is a complex interplay of surgical procedures and patient own, sometime very individual response to them.  Good luck. 

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