Post explant and mastoplexy. What has happened? Concerned. (photos)

Hiya I am just about 7 weeks post explant and mastoplexy. There is severe asymmetry. They removed most of the capsule in the smaller one. There was also muscle atrophy. The capsule remains in the larger one. My right nipple is droopier now than it was before. Can anything be done to even them up? Do you think there is any fluid in the larger one? I see my PS next week. I hate how I look :-(

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Please send before pictures

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Your before pictures can be helpful to give you better answer. You had asymmetry before surgery and that may have contributed the final results. I offer my explant patients option of of fat grafting to replace some volume and to correct asymmetry. Please see the link

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It is very difficult to comment without seeing your preop photos. The left side has a constricted scar and this needs to drop and the skin contract. It is early and you need to see your PS and have some advice on scar management and massage. Its unlikely that you have any fluid but again an examination with your PS is important.

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#Explant #BreastImplantRemoval - What has happened?

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It's hard to say without seeing what you looked like before (and you would in any event need to be assessed in person by a board-certified plastic surgeon).  You may have fluid in the smaller side and evacuating that would need to be done before deciding what else can or should be done at this point.  It also may be a question of waiting longer, if you're stable (ie no acute symptoms) and then deciding if a revisional procedure or procedures is indicated.  Do not hesitate to seek additional opinions from board-certified plastic surgeons near you before proceeding with any more surgery.  I hope that this helps and good luck, Dr. Alan Engler, Member of #RealSelf500.

Implant Removal and Lift

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In general, I prefer to removed the implants, and let the breast settle and heal before doing a lift, if needed.  Many times, a lift is not necessary.  Follow up with your surgeon so that he can monitor your progress.

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