At which point do transferred/grafted fat cells to the buttock settle and take in? (photos)

I got my BBL 6/16 with no worry. I learned later just how delicate and uncertain of true outcomes this procedure really has. I know to avoid sitting for 6 wks, consume a healthy diet, wear my garment for 6wks, possibly only 80% of the cells will take, and that results may be more realistic @ 6mos. At which point do the cells settle and take in? At the 6wk mark and therefore I am able to sit? Or at the 6mo mark and therefore my results will be closer to being more evident? I am liking my butt :-D

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BBL, when to sit?

I tell my patients to sit after two weeks, but thank you for your question and photos, congratulations on a good result, you may sit anytime now; the fat cells have either taken or not. If the surgeon you had chosen was a board-certified plastic surgeon  and did a ton of Brazilian butt lifts, you are in good hands. You may lose some of the volume initially but By New Year's eve you will get much of it back.

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By about 6 weeks, all the fat that will "take" probably took.  At 6 weeks you are still swollen. You butt may shrink about 10-15% more over the next several months as the swelling subsides.

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