Can my upper maxilla still grow forward by pulling it with reverse headgear? I'm 19 years old. I don't want jaw surgery.

I believe my upper maxilla grew incorrectly during teenage years, My tongues' resting position has been altered since I was 13. This happened during a session with my orthodontist, who told me not to touch my upper teeth with my tongue, I took the words too extreme and kept my tongue backward all those years. This caused vertical growth and weak chin. This is NOT how i'm supposed to look. Can my upper maxilla move/grow forward by using special appliances that pull the upper arch forward.

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Maxillary Advancement

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Unless the maxillary retrusion is but a millimeter or two, pulling the maxilla adequately forward with reverse headgear is not going to work in a near skeletally mature person. In a 19 year old, this likely requires a surgical solution.

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