My tip is too pinched for a male after Rhinoplasty ? ( photo)

I had a closed rhinoplasty 9 weeks ago ... i loved my nose when the cast came off but now after 9 weeks of the operation i feel it's pinched and too small for a guy !! after 1 year will it continue to get smaller ?!?!!?!?! i feel it's too small already what should i do ? i don't want it to become smaller !!!! ( my doctor approached tip and fractured nasal bones as well )

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Pinched nose after rhinoplasty

You have clearly cephalically oriented tip cartilages.  That means that the cartilages that make up the tip and the sidewalls of the nose are oriented upward toward the inner corner of your eye instead of outward toward the outer corner of your eye.  Your surgeon probably trimmed these cartilages and they became pinched due to internal stresses.  The "pinched" look you don't like is due to the shadows that are now visible on either side of your tip.  Your nostrils are a bit retracted, which is also due to this anatomical situation. Since your surgery was done using the closed approach the tip might not get dramatically smaller from this point, but it certainly will not go back to the way it looked when the cast was removed.  It looked better when the cast was removed because there was swelling that filled in the shadows around the tip.  That said, you will definitely have to wait it out and see what it looks like after about 1 year. 

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Pinched tip after rhinoplasty should be discussed with your surgeon.

Final definition the nasal tip may not be up to your expectations. This is something that you need to discuss with your own plastic surgeon. Aesthetic outcomes are subjectively interpreted by the patient.

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Rhinoplasty recovery and final results

You need to give this time before you begin to judge the final results.  Generally this will take 6 - 12 months. 

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