Would the Six Month Smile be enough time to pull down my two front teeth? (Photo)

I'm 39 and I got braces when I was a teen. The problem is the orthodontist left all my teeth looking the same length instead of leaving the two front teeth longer than the rest. Now my teeth in the front almost look shorter than the rest, and when I smile you cannot even see him. Would the six month smile be enough time for my 2 front teeth to be pulled down? I would be nice if my gap could be closed, but more than anything I really want my front teeth to be longer. Thank you!!

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in addition to the gap between your upper front teeth you also have a deep anterior over bite this is detrimental because you will wear out your back teeth, Invisalign is your best choice

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Would the Six Month Smile

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Thanks for your question. ^ month smiles are provided by general dentist only and not a specialist in Orthodontics. The end up result and long term negative effects can be serious. at the end you get what you pay for. Go ahead and request a consultation with a specialist in Orthodontics for comprehensive excellent care.

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Six month smiles

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"Six month" smiles is just a brand. Treatment can be extended as much as is needed to achieve results. Lengthening you two central incisors can also be achieved with dental veneers. Discuss this option with your dentist. 

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