Mole on my lower back growing. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have a large dark brown, nearly black flat mole on my lower back. It is round but appears to have a rim of lighter colour around it. I have another mole on my hand a a few around my body. I've had the mole on my back since birth but have never noticed to rim of colour. Anything to worry about?

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Changing moles

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Thank you for your question. Normal moles may gradually grow as we get older. With that being said, I always recommend to have any new or changing lesions to be evaluated by a dermatologist, who will use an instrument called a dermatoscope. This instrument allows the lesion to be viewed under higher magnification, and if there are any concerning or abnormal features noted, then the lesion should be biopsied and sent to a lab for further evaluation. I highly recommend you consult with a board certified dermatologist to have your skin evaluated and to discuss treatment options that best suit you. Take care and good luck.

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