Do lumps form post BBLs?

I am 4mos post. 2wks ago I felt a lump behind my Lt thigh. It feels it may be 5-7cm, & underneath my muscle. One wk I could barely feel it via palpation, but now I bluntly can. There is absolutely no pain, and I can shift it side to side a bit. I went in to see my Primary one wk ago, I can tell he couldn't feel it. He suggested I take Ibuprofen X 1wk, and call back in one month if lump not resolved. Has anyone heard of lumps forming post BBL's, butt implants, or any traumatic surgery? Thank you

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Lumps after a BBL

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A lump can be an area of fat necrosis. This would be the most likely thin, however it should be evaluated because it can be something else.

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