Laser surgery. Any suggestions?

I am a 67 year old female who had Fraxel Repair and it just didn't do the job. I am looking for a Dr who can do a full face ablative dual wavelength CO2/Erbium Yag laser treatment. I realize the recovery is longer however from what I read it is the most effective.

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Facial lasering

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Dear jimmynme:For  sun-damaged facial skin, with deep furrows, blotchy pigmentation and sallowness of the complexion, the best treatment is with the fractional CO2 laser. I have used both the Fraxel and the fractional CO2, and the latter does a better job rejuvenating the face. The CO2 component ablates (burns off) the damaged surface cellular layer, and the modulation of the energy that the "fractional" component adds allows the energy to penetrate into the dermis, which then stimulates new collagen production. As a result of this combination of effects, my patients'skin has come out smooth, softer, and tightened, yet  "plumper", so that the skin almost "glows", after treatment with the fractional CO2 laser. And for best results, this full-face laser treatment can be combined with a facelift (in the same procedure). This combination takes about 3 hours, but can "turn back the clock" 15 to 20 years---by my patients' reports. Check with a board-certified plastic surgeon who has one of these fractional CO2 lasers, and you'll be glad you did.Best of luck with your rejuvenation !

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