Labiaplasty done one week ago. Clitoral hood reduction and wedge labiaplasty. (photos)

Labiaplasty done one week ago. Some slight stinging and redness around incisions on both sides. Along with a tender bump where the sutures are. Could this be an infection of the wood?

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At only one week post-op it is not at all uncommon to have these sensations. Your photos demonstrate very good labial symmetry, and what looks like very normal early healing. If you have ongoing concerns, I would schedule an appointment to discuss your progress with your surgeon. 

1 week post-op V-wedge labiaplsaty

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Beautiful results from V-Wedge LP! I congratulate your surgeon. No sighs infection here. Looks FINE for only 1 wk. post-op.


Michael P Goodman, MD

Davis, CA, USA

Labiaplasty x 1 week

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Your results so far look great.  I don't see any sign of infection.  Itching and stinging  is a normal healing response. Usually the bumps will go away when sutures dissolve.

John R Miklos MD

Atlanta ~ Beverly Hills ~ Dubai

Maybe bruising at the clitoral hood

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Sutures can cause tender lumps. So can anything else that produces swelling. No way to tell from a photo.

Labiaplasty done one week ago. Clitoral hood reduction and wedge labiaplasty.

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Thank you for sharing your question and photographs and congratulations on your labiaplasty and clitoral hood reduction.  At one week from surgery your results look very good and I would anticipate an excellent result.  I do not see any signs of infection in your photograph and some mild redness and stinging is not uncommon during the normal healing process.  Maintain close follow up with your surgeon but all looks appropriate.  Best wishes.

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