Labiaplasty Wedge and Clitoral Hood Reduction. 1 week post-op. Dark patch + uneven clitoral hood. Just bruising? (photos)

I am a week post op and have a dark patch on the top of my clitoral hood. Is this simply regular bruising or can it be something else like frost bite from using the ice pack on 20 min off 20 min? ALSO, my clitoral hood looks very crooked. One side is much smaller than the other and looks long and droopy. One side is flatter and thinner than the other (clitoral hood)

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Swelling and bruising is very common after labiaplasty surgery. The appearance of yours appears quite normal for 1-2 weeks postop. Wait several months before you make a decision regarding the final look.

Post op labia and hood reduction

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Your overall appearance looks great for 1 week post operative.   The dark area is probably a hematoma or bruising and the the irregular are of symmetry is most likely due to edema.  Give it 8 weeks and if not to your liking go back to your surgeon

John R Miklos MD
Atlanta ~ Beverly Hills ~ Dubai

That dark spot on the clitoral hood might be a small hematoma

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The photos aren't clear, but dead frostbitten skin usually has a sharper border than a hematoma or a bruise. You shouldn't use ice packs. Use cold packs instead (wrapping a wash towel around an icepack does the job). Don't judge the aesthetic result for 6-8 weeks.


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It will take time for the final result.  Probably close to three months.  The dark area is more that likely bruising.  As far a symmetry, your early results look very promising and will improve with time.  

Adrian Smith, MD
Jackson Plastic Surgeon

Labiaplasty Wedge and Clitoral Hood Reduction. 1 week post-op. Dark patch + uneven clitoral hood. Just bruising?

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Thank you for sharing your question and photographs and congratulations on your procedure.  The dark patch on your clitoral hood looks most like a bruise and should resolve over the next 7-10 days.  As for your clitoral hood asymmetry it is tough to offer definite advice as the tissues are likely swollen, affecting what your long-term results will really be.  I know waiting is difficult but allow at least three months to go by before critically assessing your outcome.  Best wishes. 

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