Is hyaluronidase safe to dissolve Juvederm inside the nose? Will they cause blindness and dissolve my own collagen too?

I had juvederm injected between my brow 7 yrs ago and never dissolve! Now is getting puffier and have a little bump sticking out and doctor told me could be a scar tissue, and I still have juvederm inside my nose from 5 months ago and now I want to get a permanent nose job, she told me to use hyaluronidase to try dissolve it first, I want to know will it be a problem if I inject the hyaluronidase into the scar tissue? is hyaluronidase safe? Will they cause blindness or dissolve my own collagen?

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Very unlikely

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Thanks for your question. The juvederm from 7 years ago is very unlikely to be the cause of your lump between the brows. It wont hurt to inject hyalase but if the lump is scar then it will be unlikely to disappear. The HA in your nose will be very effectively removed with hyalase and is a good idea to ensure a consistent result from your rhinoplasty. Hyalase does not dissolve collagen, only hyaluronic acid. I describe it as the mortar that holds the cells (bricks) of the skin together. Collagen is like the steel reinforcement that runs between the cells. Blindness is a thankfully rare complication of fat or filler injection near the eye, not hyalase. As  aresult I am not aware of blindness being a complication of hyalase injection at all. 

Hope that helps. 

Adam Goodwin

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