Can I have a great smile without extractions? (photos)

I have gave my doctor instructions to complete treatment without extractions from the beginning. My doctor's only answer in the final stages are to extract or remove the braces as they are. If I extract he says he can finish in six months. I DO NOT WANT EXTRACTIONS. So he has given me the task of finding another method to correct my bite and alignment by asking for second opinions from other professionals. What can I do to have a great smile without taking out four great teeth? Pictures below.

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Extractions and Braces

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I definitely agree with you in terms of not taking out any teeth! From  what I can see from your photos, the big concern is that your front teeth protrude too much. If that is the case, one option may be to slenderize your upper and lower front teeth to create room to pull them in. They look wide enough so that when they are made slightly narrower, they would still look good and you could accomplish your goal.

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