Could it be possible that I've gained weight after tummy tuck? (Photo)

I am 8 weeks post op on a drainless TT. Before the surgery I was 128#. Today, I am 132#. I still don't fit into my pre op clothes. I eat healthy and I have been very active with my 4 kids starting two weeks post op. Did my quick " back to normal" routine cause my swelling to be consistent and my weight to be higher because fluid? Could it be possible that two months out I still have this much fluid? I feel pre op body is better than post op. Muscle repair was only improvement. I had no lipo.

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Weight gain after tummy tuck

It is unusual but not impossible to still be retaining significant fluid 2 months after surgery. I have however seen this in a few of my patients over the years. Deits heavy in salt can certainly cause fluid retention. If you are eating high salt foods this could be the culprit. Obviously overall diet at this time of year and limited execise because of the need to recover can add weight as well. It is incredibly rare that patients don't look better after a tummy tuck I would wait it out and I suspect by the time you are 6 months out you will look better. If you feel like you look better in the morning when you first get up then it is definitely swelling. You may want to consider wearing a compressive girdle or spanxs during the day while you are up.

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Tummy tuck results

Thanks for your question,

It is difficult to really tell from the photos. I think your lateral (side) photos would show better the improvement after the surgery. It is still possible to have some residual swelling at 8 weeks but I would imagine most would have been absorbed at this time. 

I usually tell my patients to not judge the outcome of the procedure based solely on weight. Weight tends to fluctuate in us all by 5 lbs or so depending on the day. I encourage my patients to judge the outcome based on the contour difference and shape difference of their abdomen. That is really what this procedure was designed for. If you have concerns about your post operative course I recommend speaking to your plastic surgeon. 

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