Will fat transfer improve these "scars"on my breast? (photos)

I have noticed these " scars" on my breast and wonder if fat transfer is the solution for having normal full breast again cause i assume it will never go away naturally. Thank you.

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Will fat transfer improve these "scars"on my breast?

The scars appear to be stretch marks. A better option to rebuild collagen and plump the marks is combined 1540 laser and Lux IR deep light treatmnents. See below:

"Scars" on the breast

From the picture provided, it appears that what you are referring to as scars are actually stretch marks. Stretch marks can appear on the breast for many reasons such as fluctuations in weight, breast feeding, etc. Unfortunately, there is not full proof solution for stretch marks on the breasts. A breast augmentation can give your breasts a fuller appearance which could also help smooth out the stretch marks making them less visible. A fat transfer alone would not be the best option.

Wesley G. Schooler, MD
Santa Barbara Plastic Surgeon
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