My eyelid is even more puffy after surgery which was 1 year ago. (photo)

I have ptosis on my right eye. So I did a surgery to correct it and it didn't go very well. And it did not even give me a double eyelid. It made my upper eyelid a lot thicker, so much so that my eyelashes are straight down and the outside corner of my eye is so thick that the lashes are drooping down which makes me tear a lot. How do I fix this? (I was thinking of just maybe getting rid of the fats/ swelling in my eye) . The eyelid surgery took place a year ago and my eye is even more thick.

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Puffy eyelid after ptosis surgery

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The ptosis surgery did not correct the problem and needs to be redone. There are varying degrees of difficulty and in some cases, you'll need to decide whether it's more important to have full correction (and it looks great) or sacrifice the appearance in order to have a more comfortable feel. Ptosis can be a very frustrating problem for both the patient and the surgeon. I would recommend either going back to the original surgeon or looking for an experienced eyelid surgeon.

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Failed ptosis surgery in the Asian Eyelid

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sorry to hear about your trouble but one thing to understand about ptosis surgery, especially in the Asian eyelid, is that it can be difficult and revisions are common. I do the surgery very frequently and I enjoy it but I am also frustrated but sometimes because things don't always go exactly the way we want them to go. This is especially true when you are born with the ptosis. The details of how I would deal with your surgery are difficult to describe without seeing you first but you are most likely looking at a revision surgery that was similar to what you had previously. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful but yours is a bit more complex situation than standard ptosis  is the surgery or Asian eyelid surgery.    For your revision I might select different sutures that are permanent or in some cases even use braided sutures that will create some more collagen and connective tissue formation that might help to hold things in place. 

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Ptosis surgery in asian eyelid

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Hi there and thank you for the question. 

From the look of your right eyelid it appears that your upper eyelid ptosis surgery has been  unsuccessful as the ptosis has recurred which can occasionally happen. The puffy look is because the fat pads have dropped down into the eyelid and to improve everything I would feel that you should be reassessed and if appropriate undergo a revision procedure to lift the eyelid and tuck the fat back into the eye socket and lock it there thereby matching the lid level and double eyelid on the left side.

All of this should only be taken forward of course after a full examination and assessment by an experienced upper eyelid plastic surgeon. 

I hope that you found this information helpful.

Best wishes

Tariq Ahmad, MBBChir, FRCS(Plast)
Cambridge Plastic Surgeon

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