How long should I wait between epicanthoplasty & rhinoplasty?

I am getting medial epicanthoplasty on Sept. 13th and have a rhinoplasty (definite) & (maybe) upper bleph (need to talk more about it) scheduled on October 11th. Is this enough time for the epicanthoplasty to heal and get the nose job and maybe the upper bleph?

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How long should I wait between epicanthoplasty & rhinoplasty?

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There are different kinds of rhinoplasty operations however we can divide them as the one that requires bone excision and the one that does not need bone excision. The main fact that we classify the rhinoplasty operations like that is that the results and postoperative period is associated closely with this fact. In the operations like “nasal tip correction”, “simple rhinoplasty” there is no need for a bone excision however these minor operations cannot be beneficial for everyone. The operation type is need to be determined by the surgeon according to needs of the patient. In these minor operations the rhinoplasty is performed with closed method. The bone and the cartilage tissues are not involved in the surgery directly. Small nasal bumps can be removed in these operations.

In the operation that needs the bone and cartilage tissues to be involved; open approach is used. In the procedures with open approach, the size, shape and functionality of the nose can be improved. The big nasal bumps can be removed and septal deviations can be corrected providing a better nasal airway.

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I would separate an epicanthoplasty and rhinoplasty by at least 6 weeks and three months preferably. You want to make sure all the swelling and bruising from the rhinoplasty has completely resolved.

Rhinoplasty and eyelid surgery

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If both procedures are being performed separately, it's best to probably wait a few months in between the surgical procedures to  allow the swelling and edema to subside.

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Epicanthoplasty and rhinoplasty

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Good questions!  Please be aware that a very large dorsal hump reduction could affect the positioning of the epicanthal fold.  In that case I might consider having the nose done first.  High osteotomies (breaking of the bone) can leave quite a bit of swelling by the eyelids.  Having all that said I would wait at least three months between surgeries.Dr. Schwarcz

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Facial surgeries

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Hello and thank you for your question.  Are these procedures being performed by the same surgeon?  I would ask your surgeon(s).  In my patients, I would wait longer because there can be swelling in the medical canthal region after a rhinoplasty, especially if osteotomies are being performed.  My recommendation would be to wait three months in between those surgeries.    Best wishes and good luck.

Richard G. Reish, M.D.
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