Is it possible to get a breast reduction and implants?

I had saline breast augmentation 6 years ago. I was a perfect 34 D cup but since I had a pregnancy and gained 125 pounds. My son is now 1 and I've lost 110 pounds and a sagging 38DDD. I'm thinking of getting a lift/reduction but want to switch my breast implants for silicone instead is that possible? also is it possible for me to me reduce it small enough so when I get the same CC my breast would be a D again? I don't want to be bigger than that.

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Breast reduction and implants

What you want to do certainly sounds reasonable.  A consultation with a plastic surgeon with a good experience with this type of surgery would be your next step.  They can evaluate you and give you a better idea on what may need to be done.  A word of caution, however.  It might be difficult after a 125 lb weight gain and subsequent 110 lb loss to make your breasts look as good as they did when you were a "perfect 34D".  However, I'm sure that considerable improvement over your current situation is possible.

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