Breast pain after 2 years. Any suggestions? (photos)

Received "gummy bear" implants, under the breast incision and they were inserted under the muscle. My right breast has been hurting for the past 7 months. Sharp pain on the bottom right corner;Before my incision starts and also pressure towards the upward part of the sternum. Can't wear a bra for more than 1/2hrs especially push-up bras. And can't sleep on my right side without the pain waking me up.

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Breast pain 2 years after getting Gummy Bear implants.

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The most likely cause of your pain is Capsular Contracture.     This is when the balloon of scar tissue around the implant begins to shrink, tightening around the implant.   Sometimes massage can help this when you have smooth implants.  But, many docs don't advise this when you have textured implants such as the GummyBear implants.  The best thing to do is to go see your Plastic Surgeon to be evaluated in person.  

Right breast pain

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Dear Susy,   Thanks for submitting you pictures and sorry for your problem. From observing your pictures. it appears that you have developed  capsule contracture  of your right breast, which might push the semi solid - gummy bear implant into the demarcated painful area . You might need a capsulotomy procedure in order to alleviate the pressure. Consult with your surgeon or any experience board certified plastic surgeon in regard to your problem.                     Best of luck,                                          Dr Widder

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