Hi! I'm Asian, 18 years old male. My case is that My nose is short and wide. And the bridge of my nose is also very low.(photos)

I wanna change the shape of my nose to be normal and smaller and a lil bit pointier. I am pretty sure its genetic.Well, i would like to know the surgical options that i can choose, the detailed procedure, the estimate cost of these procedures. I have heard that i need to use the cartilage bone from my rib. Its creepy but i would do anything to hange my nose structure and stop getting bullied. And it would be great to have doctors from LA since i live here.
Here is a link to board-certified surgeons who perform rhinoplasty in the Los Angeles area.

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Thank you for your question. Rhinoplasty can certainly address your nose to make it smaller and pointier. The cost of the procedure depends on the local market, surgeon and the type of procedure. I suggest that you move forward and consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon to review cost, process, results and recovery.

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Asian rhinoplsty for bulbous Asian nose

Your concerns are very commonly voiced by patients looking into Asian rhinoplasty. By increasing the height of the bridge and tip of your nose with your own cartilage, it can give you a more refined and narrow appearance from the front while giving you a more attractive profile. Cartilage grafts and suture-techniques can be used to increase the projection and refinement of your nose, making it appear less bulbous.

Alar base modification can then be performed to reduce the width and flare of your nostrils.

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Low bridge nose

The biggest issue with this nose is low nasal bridge.  The nasal tip and the nostrils are not too big.  Either  rib graft or A synthetic implant made from silicone can be used to augment the nasal bridge very easily.You do not need any surgery on the nasal tip or the nostrils.


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