8 weeks pregnant, yellow fluid from an old incision, surgery 7/9/14, My r breast is stiff and very hard with a yellow discharge.

8 weeks Pregnant and I have yellow fluid from an incision , surgery July 2014. My right breast is stiff and very hard. I just found out I am pregnant . I would like to take bothe implants out and just be done with these problems .8 surgeries ago the doctor said I would be fine . And she keeps operating and I keep getting and having complications , capsular, 7 times, infections . Can I safelty take both out?

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Removal of Breast Implants

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In general, it is not wise to have general anesthesia for an elective procedure while pregnant. If you have a frank infection, this situation may change. I would suggest getting a second opinion from a board certified plastic surgeon if you are unhappy with your outcome.

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