5'5" and 198. Inquiring on Gastric Sleeve and loose skin.

5'5" and 198. Inquiring on Gastric Sleeve and since my BMI chart says I should be around 150-155 for my height, I think that's a reasonable goal to get to, losing 48 pounds. Would it be common for someone like me to have loose skin? Also, I have 1 baby now but may want another baby in 3 years or so. Does VSG have any complications with pregnancy?

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Good candidate?

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Hello dear, thanks for your question.You are a good candidate for this procedure if your BMI is over 32. At this point bariatric surgery is the best option for patients with obesity tipe 2 and 3 to lose weight. Is the option that last more, and more efficent. Some times patients do the mistake having a plastic surgery when what they need is a bariatric surgery. I suggest to make an appointment with a Board Certified for a personal evaluation. Good look.

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