Will my 500cc breast implants settle and lower over the next few years or can I expect them to stay right where they are?(photo)

I had my BA over two years ago and I feel that they are a little high on my chest. I think implants that are a little lower look more natural. Just wondering if my implants will settle over the years or will they always be this high.

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Will my 500cc breast implants settle and lower over the next few years or can I expect them to stay right where they are?

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In time, as the years progress there will be skin laxity and some further drop of your implants but it will be very a very slow process.  Honestly I think your result looks much better than the desired result that she show.  Surgery can be done to lower your implants but I would not recommend this.  I would just wait as he think he had an excellent result now.  Attempting to lower the implants could cause other issues such as bottoming out.

Will they settle?

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Yes is the short answer.  Over the coming years your breasts and skin will age and a natural droop will occur.  It's the same process that would occur even without implants.  Therefore, most likely as the years progress there will be a more natural droop as the skin and breast tissue age.  It's hard to accurately predict the changes and most likely you will simply have to be patient and see what happens.  Best wishes!!!

Levi J. Young, MD
Overland Park Plastic Surgeon
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Are my 500mL breast implants sitting too high on my chest after 2 years?

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Thank you for your question.  At 2 years out from your surgery, your breasts and the location of your implants are unlikely to change any further.  I would certainly tell you that it is highly unlikely that the implants will drop more.  Over time, the breasts and implants will start to droop naturally due to gravity, but I don't think this is what you were hoping to hear.  Looking at your photo, the implants are not too high on your chest.  What you are referring to is that you think you have too much upper pole fullness.

If you are completely dissatisfied with your breasts, then you may need to look into changing the implants.  You are very thin, and the larger the implant, the more it will be noticeable on your chest.  You seem to be wanting less upper pole fullness.  To achieve this, you can opt for a smaller implant, an implant with a lower profile (not sure what profile you have currently), or even an anatomic implant, which absolutely has less upper pole fullness.  Of course, this requires another surgery.  Best wishes!    

Breast implant late changes.

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Thanks for your question. There are always changes over time. Breasts, especially large breasts may continue to drop gradually. The implant which by now is in a scar tissue shell called the capsule may not change as much as the natural breast tissue. Natural tissue responds more to gravity. The upper fullness of a 500cc implant can be a pro or a con depending upon your goals. If the height of the implant bothers you you could consider an implant with a smaller diameter. It's pretty hard to hide a 500cc in a slender woman.

Best wishes.

Adam Tattelbaum, MD
Washington DC Plastic Surgeon
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Your implants have fairly well settled at 2 years from surgery, and will probably stay were they are. However, with time, you may have some normal sagging due to the weight of the implants and gravity. You could consider choosing smaller implants that would not rise as high as yours, like the implants in the photo you selected.

Connie Hiers, MD
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon
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Your breasts shouldn’t change much.

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After 2 years, your beast implants should have long since settled into their final position. What may change over time is your natural breast tissue and skin that can begin to sag from gravity’s pull and the weight of your breast implants as you age. If you are interested in changing the position of your breast implants, you may want to talk with your plastic surgeon about revision surgery to create the look you want.

Ricardo A. Meade, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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Implant position

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The position of your implants may be related to the shape and volume of your implants.  A smaller diameter implants may not give as much superior pole fullness.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Implants settling

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Thanks for your photos.  2 years out from surgery - I do not expect the implants to change position as much as I expect the skin to stretch and the entire breast to drop.  With an implant of that size, you will definitely see your skin stretch over time.  I think if your implant settled any more than it has - you will have a shape that is not ideal.  Continue to wear a supportive bra as much as possible to support your skin.  Good luck!

Jon Kurkjian, MD
Fort Worth Plastic Surgeon
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Will my implants lower?

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Hello and thank you for your question and for posting photos. Since you are almost 2 years out from your surgery I don't think much change will occur in regards to the position of your implants. They may drop slightly with time and age but if you are looking for them to drastically drop, that wont happen this far out. It would also help to know whether they have been getting higher or staying in the same position in the past year or so. If the position of your implants are concerning to you then you should re-visit with your plastic surgeon and express your concerns with them to see if they have any recs. Hopefully you are being seen by a board certified plastic surgeon. I hope this helps!

Ankur Mehta MD

Ankur Mehta, MD
Sugar Land Plastic Surgeon
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