18 year old male; how can I reshape my forehead? Which procedures are good and what are the costs? (Photos)

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Forehead Reshaping

The first thing you have to decide about you forehead is whether the brow bones stick out too far or whether it is the forehead above the brow bones that is deficient. Computer imaging will help you make that determination. It appears that the brow bones need to be set back and this requires an operation where the brow bones are removed, reshaped and put back to create less protrusion and blend in better with the forehead above them.

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Reshaping the forehead

There are many different procedures that can address the forehead from bone reductions to soft tissue manipulation that effect the brow position, hairline, and muscle motion.  You would be well serve to schedule an appointment with a surgeon to voice the goals and look you are going for in order to determine if it is something that requires surgery or may even be managed with non-surgical means.  Best of luck

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