Can liposuction compromise or weaken the ligaments that surround the knee?

A few years ago I had liposuction to my thighs; inner, posterior, lateral and anterior. Approximately 8 weeks later, my meniscus tore, as I was stepping up into a van. I am very active, muscular, and flexible. Not looking for a law suit or anything, but is it possible that liposuction could have compromised or weakened the ligaments that surround the knee?

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Knee Liposuction is performed very carefully right underneath the skin. the ligaments and the menisci are located at a  deeper level. your injury was a coincidence.

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Liposuction has no effect on the underlying ligaments after liposuction of the legs.

damage to your meniscus is coincidental with your liposuction not directly related to it.liposuction has no effect on the underlying muscles, tendons, and bone.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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Lipo Knee

I have done countless liposuction on the medial knees and have never experienced an issue with the medial collateral ligament. I have also never read or heard about this complication in regards to liposuction.

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