Nose too long - kindly asking for your advice about septal extension graft/ etmoid bone plate- Case

I had a revision to lengthen my short saddle nose with a septal extension,mobilized with an EthmoidbonePlate piece.My alarrim was brought down with a"spacer graft by Gruber".ALLODERM was also used.FRONTAL the nose looks way to long&my nosewings seem wider.Since months no improvement.My eyelids changed-the depressor supercilii region is really swollen&pulls the skin downwards.Is there an option to"re-shorten"the septal extension graft/ethmoidal bone plate to have a more balanced nose?

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Shortening too much elongated nose.

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In general it is easier to make an over elongated nose than make the nose longer. I would be in your best interest to consult your initial surgeon. Otherwise you will need to consult a plastic surgeon who specializes in this area. 

Cleveland Plastic Surgeon
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Nose too long and revising septal extension graft

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Nadeshjak,When repairing a short saddle nose, a lot of effort is made to create and support a longer stronger nose. Patients who start with a short nose may be accustomed to seeing it that way, so a longer nose may look strange to you. Revision rhinoplasty is complex because there is potential to undo the changes you liked from the first rhinoplasty. The change of improving undesirable features needs to be balanced with the risk of losing good features. 
While healing, I would sit down with your surgeon and discuss the features you like and the features you don't like about your nose. It's generally recommended to wait for 1 year or longer for the swelling to dissipate and the nose to settle. Ask what potential changes are possible and safe. Safety comes first. 

Victor Chung, MD
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Revising a long nose

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The revision is certainly possible but every revision carries a higher risk than the previous one to lead to complications. If you feel it does not bother you a lot then leave it alone. If you notice it all the time then yes get another revision to reduce the length of the septal extension graft. RegardsDr. J

Tanveer Janjua, MD
Bedminster Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Nose too long

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it is very difficult to address your concerns without looking at photographs or a face to face consultation/evaluation.  If you can submit photos, a full face frontal and a profile view, it would be easier to make a recommendation.

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