I'm very insecure about my breasts. Are they weird? Should I do any type of procedure? (Photo)

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You have some asymmetry in your breasts, but they are not "weird".   Depending what you are unhappy with there are several options available to you.  You can enhance the breasts with an augmentation and have an areolar reduction to bring the areolas into better symmetry.  I recommend visiting a board certified plastic surgeon in your area to discuss your concerns and explore options.


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Your breasts are not "weird".  They are different shaped and there appears to be a constriction in your right breast.  There are procedures that can be done to correct the disparity, change the breast shape, and size.  I would recommend that you get a consultation from a qualified Plastic Surgeon with significant experience in this area.

Barry M. Schwartz, MD
Weston Plastic Surgeon

Modest asymmetry of the breast is quite normal.

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The right breast has slightly more ptosis than the left. The areola on both sides is fairly large in diameter. Unless you want to be larger I don't see any value in breast augmentation. I'm also not certain the incisions that accompany mastopexy are a good trade-off for the slight asymmetry of the breasts.

Insecure about Breasts

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Thank you for your photograph and question.  Your right breast seems to have a bit more sag than the left breast.  If that concerns you, a lift would help create more symmetry.  Should you desire more fullness, you may also consider a breast augmentation.  Best to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon.  Best of luck.


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It is common to have two different sized breasts with different shapes. Your breasts are "sisters and not twins." I would suggest meeting with a board certified plastic surgeon and discussing all your options to achieve symmetry.

Breast Concerns

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I appreciate your concern but you do have options.  Your left breast is small, but quite pretty. The right breast sags a bit and has a larger nipple areolar complex and a minimally tight inframammary fold. Right breast lift with slight reduction to match the other side is on option, or you can also include enlargement of both with the lift on the right side. Be sure to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon. Good luck!

Internal breast lift for small asymmetrical breasts

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If you are happy with your breast size, I recommend you undergo an internal lift using a peri-areolar approach on the saggier breast and reduce the size of your areola. The less saggy breast will do well with just a donut mastopexy with slight areolar reduction. I typically do not recommend implants to improve breast shape as they usually don't stay where they are placed and tend to re stretch tissues. You are welcome to visit my gallery to see my results with similar situations as yours.

Best wishes,

Breast asymmetry

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Thanks for your inquiry and picture.  Breast asymmetry is more common than you imagine.  In fact most women have some at least some amount and thus I would discourage you from using the word "weird". If you desire greater symmetry, I suggest you see a board certified plastic surgeon in your area.  Your choices can be a as simple as operating on the right breast to reduce the areola diameter, slightly lift the breast, and decrease it's size. Good Luck.  

Breast issue

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If you are not happy with your breasts, then you should go for consultation. They look a bit asymmetric and a lift might be required on the lower one.  You may also want implants.

Breast Asymmetry

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Thanks for your questions.  Your breasts are not weird.  You do have some asymmetry between the two breasts.  If this bothers you, I would recommend thinking about a few more questions.  Are you happy with the size and appearance of the left breast.  If you are, I would consider a left breast periareolar mastopexy.  This would allow for both a lift and areolar reduction of the right breast restoring better symmetry with the left breast.  If you want the left breast to be larger than a left augmentation and right mastopexy augmentation is recommended.  See a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss these options.

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