Its Been 5 Weeks Since my BA, and I'm Starting to Worry That the Gap Between my Breast is Gonna Be Permanent? (photo)

I'm not sure what my breast size (I wore a 32b bra but really didn't fill it out). I got 400cc in my left breast and 425cc in my right. High Profile saline. I talked to the doc about the spacing between and he said that its based on my natural clevage. My question is, as the breast drop and fluffs out, will the implants settle closer together to close the gap some? I'm wondering if I would have went bigger, would it would have given me clevage.

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Gap between Breasts


Your result is predictable based on your preoperative photos. Your implants are appropriately spaced and exist under the breast tissue.  As your surgeon said, spacing is based on natural cleavage, which in you means you have little tissue over your sternum, and breast implants aren't going to make that better.  I hope you understood that before surgery? 

Your thoughts about a larger implant are faulty.  The space between the implants is not based on the size or width of the implants, it's based on the pockets created by the surgeon, specifically how much of the pectoralis muscle is released from the sternum.  Larger high profile implants will look more ball like and projecting, which will accentuate the gap, not make it better. However, if the pocket is made too wide, your implants will be closer together, but your muscle will be completely divided, and your implants will be covered only by the wispy thin skin over your sternum, i.e. a disaster.    

As you heal, you will probably find your tissues soften and expand (drop and fluff) allowing the implants to fall together more easily.  What are your alternatives if you still aren't happy? One is fat grafting.  This is becoming a more established technique to help buffer breast implants that have inadequate soft tissue coverage.  It requires an experienced fat grafting surgeon and enough fat to harvest to achieve a visible result. The other is to remove your high profile implants for smaller, lower profile implants.  This will not make the gap narrower, but will make the gap shallower, which would also improve its appearance.

Best of luck.

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Starting to Worry That the Gap Between my Breast is Gonna Be Permanent?

These implants seem properly positioned behind the areolas on each side. Women such as yourself you have widely separated breasts before surgery cannot get cleavage by making the breasts larger. A larger implant will not improve this. 

Thanks for your question and for the posted photos. All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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Unfortunately, your surgeon is correct.   We can do a great job of increasing the size of breasts with a breast augmentation. This is a very easy and safe procedure, but unfortunately there are limitations.  Your breasts are widely spaced.  They were widely spaced prior to your augmentation and they remain widely spaced after.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the base of your breasts; i.e. their footprint on your chest wall. Changing to a larger implant will not decrease this gap. 

Gordon Lewis, MD
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Breast cleavage after breast augmentation

Thank you for your question and photos.  To answer your question directly, larger implants will not give you more cleavage. Each breast has a natural "footprint" on your chest.  That is where your breast sits and is somewhat unique to each individual.  Some women have wide spaced breasts and some women have narrowly spaced breasts.  Unfortunately, this cannot be easily modified.  A breast implant simply augments the breast where ever it sits.  We cannot pick up that footprint and move it more to the center.  This is a very common question, but you end up getting what you were given/what you were born with.  You have a nice result overall.  

Hope this helps.  Best of luck


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