Breast Augmentation with Circle Lift 6 Month Post Op Saggy Not Happy Expected More Lift?

I had BA W/circle lift initially only wanted implants no lift I didn't want the lolly pop scar my Dr explained that a circle lift would be fine I really didn't mine a little sag because I had small D's before & just wanted them fuller & natural looking I asked the Dr repeatedly if the circle lift would be efficient enough & if it would last. He said it would last but eventually gravity like always would catch up but I never thought 6mths later what are my options

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Donut Lift or Bennelli Lift Plus Implants Often Disappointing

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Thank you for your question. I am sorry to hear of your unhappiness after a Donut Lift or Bennelli Lift plus Breast Augmentation with Implants.

Unfortunately your experience is not uncommon.

The Bennelli Lift or Donut Lift just does not provide enough lift for breasts with significant sagging or Ptosis.

The good thing is that the hard work is done and a revision with a vertical Lift or Lollipop Lift should be easy to achieve.

See your surgeon and discuss your dissatisfaction and revision options

Bennelli lifts (or circle lifts) do not give much lift

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Bennelli lifts (or circle lifts) do not give much lift, and even worse can often fail to control areolar spread.  It sounds like you need a revision with a vertical mastopexy - I would discuss this with your surgeon - this is most likely to be your most cost-effective way of obtaining your revision.

Breast lifts of different types for different degrees of sagging

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The lift you had is called a Binnelli or peri-areolar lift.  This maneuver is helpful when the breast tissue needs to be lifted one to two centimeters.  More lift than that usually requires a vertical or lollipop lift.  I’m sorry that you did not get an adequate outcome with the smaller lift, but the good news is that further lifting with the lollipop incision is easy to perform at your current stage and will likely get you what you are looking for.  Try not to be afraid of the extra scar- in my experience patients are almost always surprised at how good it looks after the vertical mastopexy is performed.
Discuss the situation with your surgeon who will likely be happy to help you achieve your desired goals.  Good luck!

Donut Lifts/Circle Lifts

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Sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with your results.  A Donut Lift/Circle Lift seems to be a good option if you have symmetry differences where one areola is slightly lower than the other or if both areolas are 1-2 cm lower than you would like.  This procedure coupled with a breast augmentation tends to work well for the right candidate.  If you have more significant ptosis/drooping, you may want to re-visit the possibility of a Vertical Lift/Lollipop Lift with your surgeon and discuss what the benefits would be for you.  Best of luck!

Breast Lift Result

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It is not uncommon to hear patients on this forum ask about circle lift or peri-areolar lift.  It sound tempting to only have an incision around your areola.  However, in the vast majority of people, a vertical and possibly a horizontal incision is also necessary (the traditional mastopexy) to achieve the best overall size and shape to the breast.  If you still feel that you need more of a lift, I would recommend scheduling a conversion to a traditional mastopexy.  The incisions are a small price to pay for a beautiful result.


Good Luck.

Lift and implants

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If the donut lift was not adequate enough, then you need a more involved breast lift either using a Lollipop incision or an Anchor type incision.

Unhappy with "circle" breast lift and Augmentation

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The Benelli lift is "OK" for a small degree of sag or ptosis.  It is also good for making the nipples round and symmetrical, and yes, larger (they tend to stretch over time).  Although this procedure is commonly used, I don't favor it generally, as I find it is not that effective.

That said, you can't have your cake and eat it too.  A more aggressive lift may be needed along with the scars that accompany it.  Have a discussion with your doctor, and from there decide how and if to proceed.

What I hate about mastopexy is the scar.  Fortunately the scar usually fades over time and is not at all bad.  Unfortunately, if you need a lift, you need a lift, and there is no getting away from that.


Unhappy After Donut Lift #breastimplants

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The lift you describe was originally written about by Dr. Benelli. It however does not usually provide enough skin tightening to achieve the desired results. I almost never use this lift unless the only issue is moving a nipple about 1-2 cm's when it does not match the other nipple. It is unfortunate, but you will likely require additional tightening with more of a lift procedure. I tell all of my patients to think of an augmentation mastopexy procedure as two operations even though lots of us do them in one. What that means to me is you can expect a much higher revision rate when doing this procedure in one operation. Back in the day staging these surgeries in two operations was the only way because it was much more predictable and easy to control the final result. Today I feel we have great techniques to obtain good results in one stage, but clearly revision rates are higher. If you get away with having one operation you are lucky, but if you need a second I would have told you that is highly likely. Hopefully your surgeon will be a bit more aggressive and use a different technique. It can be hard for us as surgeons because many patients simply refuse to have the scars necessary to do this procedure correctly and sometimes you get lesser of a lift that way. I am sure if you are honest with your surgeon they will accommodate your needs and take care of you.

Donut or circle lift does not create enough lift

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As so many others here have expressed, the lift with a scar just around the nipple is frequently dissapointing.  I have rarely seen good long term results with this particular surgery, in my hands and from the work of many other surgeons.  The idea is to minimize the amount of scar, but the poor results are not worth the trade off.

The good news is that doing a formal breast lift at this point is relatively straight forward.  The compromise you will need to consider is accepting a vertical scar below the nipple.

Obviously, this is a general discussion basede on your description.  Specific recommendations may vary based on your particular situation.  Best to discuss your concerns with your surgeon to find your options.

Michael S. Hopkins, MD (retired)
Albuquerque Plastic Surgeon

Not Happy Expected More Lift?

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A lift using only incisions around the areola is quite limited in the results that can be obtained. Only small amounts of ptosis can be successfully treated. Without seeing photos it is not possible to comment on the current status nor the choice of operation. 

A revision to a vertical lift is most likely to solve the problem, again based only on your comments and without photos.  Discuss this with your surgeon and review the options available. Best wishes. Thanks for your question.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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