Can ugly veins be hidden somewhat with some type of treatment? I've researched and can't find a concrete answer. (photos)

I have disgusting temple veins in both my right and left side of my temples. They are noticeable at all times. The right is much more pronounced since it runs further down my right side of the temple. The left side is noticeable as well but is less pronounced because it runs halfway to the side of my left temple. During the heat or after exercise they are more disgusting. My personal life has suffered. Is there a cosmetic procedure that can help ( ie. fillers)? thansk

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Large varicose veins on head

When veins become bulging, such as yours, those are called varicose veins. When they become Too large, laser treatments are often times not as effective as removing them using a procedure called ambulatory phlebectomy or microphlebectomy. This is where the area around the vein is numbed and a tiny incision is used to remove the vein with a small hook. I can't tell if that is an option for you from your pictures. I would perhaps consult with an ENT physician/neurosurgeon/vascular surgeon. Insurance should cover this for you if there are symptoms associated with it. 

Lima Phlebologist

Temporal veins

The posted pictures look like arteries rather than veins.  Arteries pulsate and veins do not.  If in doubt, a duplex scan can distinguish between the two.  If these are arteries then  I would leave them alone.  If these are veins then they can be treated by removal through tiny incisions (microphlebectomies) but you will be trading a vein for several small scars.  See a vein specialist or a vascular surgeon.

John Landi, MD
Naples General Surgeon
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