Considering a nose revision? (Photos)

I had a rhinoplasty last march but i am not happy with the results. The main purpose was to have alar reduction, the surgeon didnt break bones but removed from the cartlidge.. I still have a big nose. I asked him to perform a revision and he said i have to complete a full year, i dont understand why. I think enough time has passed and no more healing to be expected. He also said further alar reduction will affect my breathing, how is that possible ? My alar is super wide still after 7 months.Pls advise

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Considering a Nasal Revision

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Your nose,especially the tip, will probably change over the next 6-7 months.  This is typical, especially in patients with thicker skin. Sequential photographs can accurately monitor these changes so necessary revisions are delayed until healing is complete. You do have a little flaring of your nostrils but these pictures do not show a wide alar base. Ideally, the alar rim should attach to the face in a line vertical from the medial corner of the eyelids.

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Revision rhinoplasty candidate

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It takes in entire 1 year for  all of the phases of the healing process to be complete after performing a rhinoplasty procedure.  Patients who have thick skin, they can take even longer.    A revision rhinoplasty can be contemplated at one year to address narrowing the nasal bones, narrowing the nasal tip,  Narrowing the nostrils, and refining the entire nose.  

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