What my options are to bring out a more symmetrical, "perfect" smile. All options are open. (photo)

I had braces but didnt wear my retainer as much as i shouldve so my teeth have shifted slightly, and are obviously chipped. Also my two front teeth look way bigger than the rest so im curious what would be the best option to even everything out while fixing the chipped teeth. Not sure if i should jump straight to veneers or try contouring or something off that nature. i dont hate my smile but im kind of a perfectionist, and want try to acheice my perfect smile. Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for sending your questions. I think your smile can be more enhanced by simple realignment of your teeth. By keeping the natural esthetics of your teeth and positioning the teeth in a correct alignment would enable us to stay very conservative with your treatment. The use of clear aligners like the invisalign product can be used to accomplish this. Once done you can have an in office whitening done to enhance the colors of your teeth as well.All the best,

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