Fraxel Under Eyes to tighten skin - Looks worse, dark pigmentation, loose skin, texture change. (photos)

How can I tighten skin and fix pigmentation issue/texture. Here's before and after. No makeup under eyes you can see dark patch like I have a black eye. It's been 3 months. Had it done in January.

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Pigmentation under eyes

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It is difficult to tell in the photo because you did not give a "before" photo to compare.  Some patients with type IV skin have post-inflammatory pigmentation from the Fraxel laser.  It depends both on the setting used and your natural skin color.  I would return to your treating physician to discuss treatment which might range from bleaching creams with hydroquinones and topical vitamin C serums.  Please let me know what your follow-up is.  Be sure to use a lot of sunscreen as well.

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