Do I Have Enough Fat for a Brazilian Butt Lift Revision? (photo)

I had a brazilian butt lift a year ago, i wasnt happy with the results at all, Do i have enough fat to get a second brazilian butt lift and to get at least 1000cc on each cheek if i add arm, upper back and bra line liposuction? i want to gain as little weight possible.i gained 10 lbs and im now 5'7 and150 lbs but dont really want to gain more weight. My goal is to have a small waist as possible with a big butt. thanks

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Sometimes be a good candidate for BBL depends on the patient's expectations

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the correct answer to your question will depend on your expectations with relation to the results.

 For stunning results are required to have large amounts of fat accumulated.

if you settle for modest results, the  liposuction of the waist area and the definition of the  infragluteal  groove besides the  lipoinyection of small fat amount  obtained from liposuction of  the abdomen and back can give you satisfactory results , on the contrary if you want or expect big changes requires more fat donor area for which you should gain at least 10 kg .

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

BBL and fat availability

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It does not look like you have enough reserves to accomplish your goals, but fat can be harvested from many areas including arms, thighs, back, upper abdomen and perhaps flanks and abdomen on you to get some more fat. You would have to be examined in person to see if possible.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Second Brazilian Butt Lift

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Thank you for your photographs.  I would focus less on the amount to fat grafted and focus on achieving the BEST shape YOU can achieve.  You should consider additional liposuction if you are a candidate to improve the contour of the waist and thus improving the appearance of your buttocks. 

Dr. ES

Do I Have Enough Fat for a Brazilian Butt Lift Revision?

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  From your photos, you appear to have enough fat for 1000 cc per buttock.  The second surgery will be more difficult for the surgeon, but it can be done.  You will have to find a plastic surgeon who is willing to be a little more aggressive with the liposuction and fat transfer techniques.  Find a plastic surgeon who does hundreds of Brazilian buttlifts each year, and I think you will be happy.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Do I Have Enough Fat for a Brazilian Butt Lift Revision? (photo)

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Thank you for your question.

Your last doctor should be able to help you at no cost help you to resolve your concern with a revision. I see no reason why he could not you have more than enough fat to give you the curves you are looking for. ( you do not to gain more weight depending on the type of results are you are looking for).

Please visit with a board certified plastic surgeon with years of experience and great reviews in your procedure.

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