Can I Expect Anymore Results After 6 Months? My Tip is So Bulbous and Round, I Hate It. (photo)

I got open rhinoplasty 6 months ago to slim the sides of my nose and slightly take down the bump for a more slim nose. Didn't touch or alter the tip at all, but now my tip is bulbous, large, and looks completely different. I loved my pointy tip and now it looks like a round ball. Anything that can be done? What's happened here?! I hate my nose now and think it looks awful.

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Rhinoplasty Results After 6 Months

6 months after rhinoplasty you will still be experiencing some swelling, which could be the cause of the bulbous tip. If you are still unhappy at the one year mark, I suggest visiting your surgeon to discuss revision surgery.

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Can I Expect Anymore Results After 6 Months? My Tip is So Bulbous and Round, I Hate It.

                   Swelling can persist for up to a year or more.  I would follow with your surgeon for an exam at this stage to address your concerns.  Swelling will depend upon the nature of maneuvers employed, operative time, presence of grafts or implants, thickness of skin, open vs closed etc.

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Can I Expect Anymore Results After 6 Months? My Tip is So Bulbous and Round, I Hate It.

Thanks for "trying" to post but the photos are either at unusual angles and too close up. My guess is your issues are residual tip cartilage (lower lateral alar) but only in person examination would allow a more definitive diagnosis. 

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Bulbous Tip Six Months after Rhinoplasty

At six months following a rhinoplasty one should expect some swelling to persist although a majority of the swelling should be gone.  The reason for the width is not clear.  Simply narrowing the nose should not cause the tip to widen.  At this point I would wait until you are at least a year out from the surgery and then discuss the possible need for a revision with your surgeon.  

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6 months post-op

After 6 months, you will still have swelling that can influence the appearance of your result. This is especially the case if your procedure was open. In general, 70% of the swelling is resolved after the first 3 months and the remainder goes down over time. The tip is usually the last to come around. It can take up to 18-24 months for the final result to be evident. I would recommend waiting a bit and see how you continue to heal. Your surgeon should be able to answer any questions you have in the meantime. I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck with the remainder of your recovery.

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Bulbous Tip Rhinoplasty

At this point I don't think your nose will change that much. To get more definition in your tip you may need to narrow the tip cartilages and/or a tip graft. See video link below.

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Unhappy Rhinoplasty


It would be unusual to have an open rhinoplasty if no tip work was performed, unless complex grafts were being considered in the bridge, or if there was significant septal deviation. Regardless, even though you didn't have work done on your tip, your tip was operated on and exposed, and now you are experiencing swelling in that area. Although the open technique is a valid and good technique, and I personally perform it frequently, prolonged swelling in the tip is the one downside.  

I would sit tight and be patient for at least one year.  In the mean time, if your doctor feels it is warranted, dilute injections of corticosteroids can reduce the swelling as well.

Best of luck!

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Bulbous nasal tip

Open rhinoplasty can alter the appearance of the nasal tip.  Usually the tip need alteration.  For the patient that does not want to change the appearance of the tip a close rhinoplasty approach should be utilized  If after a year your tipo still does not look to your satisfaction  you could undergo an expertly performed revision tip plasty to achieve the more defined tip you desire.

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