How much do I have to wait to see nipples shrink? (photos)

Good afternoon. I had nipples reconstructed with a flap from the reconstructed breasts about a month ago. Since then I've been protecting them day and night under my bra, 7/24h. How long do I have to wait to see them lose projection? They are more less the same size as initial at this time yet. How long do you think I'd have to keep protecting them? When would it be convenient to have them tatoed? Thank you.

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You are guaranteed they will flatten

and if you want to preserve projection, its suggested you protect them for as long as feasible.  Tattooing should be done for the areola and you could do the nipple when it flattens.  I am no longer an advocate of nipple reconstruction because I've seen too many failures over time and I only recommend 3D tattooing now.

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