Nipples reconstructed 20 days ago. When could I see the final result?

Hi! I'd like to know when I could see the final projection of reconstructed nipples. I'd like to know if reconstructed nipple with a skin flap from reconstructed breast lose projection. If so, how much will it flatten and when will this happen? Does nipple protection helps somehow? I had modified Fleur de Lis Flap technique. Could you please share some pictures or a link about this technique? Thanks.

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Nipple projection

Hello and thanks for your question-Maintaining nipple projection after reconstruction can be a challenge. Often, nipple reconstructions after flaps will maintain their projection better than nipple reconstruction after implant reconstruction. In my practice, I wait about 8 weeks after nipple reconstruction before proceeding with tattooing. Sometimes there will be a bit more loss of projection after tattooing. By a couple of months after tattooing, you would probably have something close to your final result. This is often at least 50% less in projection than you start with.I hope that helps-

Banff Plastic Surgeon
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I personally do not recommend nipple reconstruction due to its many shortcomings

and perhaps newer methods have evolved that can withstand the test of time and maintain projection for years so in my opinion, patients are better off with 3D tattooing.  Just because something can be done, should it?   Most procedures flatten projection of an already flattened mound.   I still hope you have an acceptable result years down the road.  If any newer techniques have evolved that can withstand this test  of time, I would change my opinion.

Curtis Wong, MD
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