Modified Fleur de Lis technique for nipple reconstruction; some doubts?

Hi! I had bilateral breasts recosntruction with expanders and shapped silicone implants after modified radical mastectomies. I have just had bilateral nipple reconstruction with a "modified Fleur de Lis technique Flap". Please, could you share information, a link to anarticle, video or so, where this technique is explained, used? I'm curious to know about it. Also, Does this technique offer an aceptable nipple projection? What to do or to avoid, to help to mantain nipple projection? Any advice? thank you.

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Nipples can be reconstructed

but I'm no fan of it as I have never been able t produce a nipple whose projection can withstand the test of time.  In addition to the high rate of disappointment, taking tissue from the top of the dome of your breast flattens projection even more... and I don't understand why anyone would want that.  So I've replaced nipple reconstruction in my practice with 3D tattooing and it serves the purpose of seeing  'nipple' when undressed.  Nipples can be reconstructed but if they are consistently good, why do it?  I hope your surgeon has results that can endure through time.

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