Had a labiaplasty 6 days ago and I'm still very swollen and bruised, is that normal?

I have been trying to ice but it gets uncomfortable and I have been rinsing off every time I use the bathroom. I try to elevate as best I can and mainly stay in bed all day. There is still some bleeding and still pain. I'm just concerned because i feel like the swelling and bruising hasnt improved at all. I wasn't expecting my recovery to be this terrible but I do meet with my doctor in three days.

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Labiaplasty and bruising

Hello,Swelling can persist after labiaplasty for several weeks but usually improves greatly after one week. Persistent pain and bruising, however are not typical and may signal bleeding, hematoma, infection or wound separation. It's best to consult with your surgeon and to undergo an examination.    Regards,Dr. Pedy Ganchi                                                                                                                                                     Village Plastic Surgery

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Labiaplasty recovery

Thank you for your question and photograph.As you are still fairly early on in your recovery, I would give yourself some more time to heal, every patient can have a slightly different recovery. It takes at least 4-6 weeks for swelling to fully go down for the labia to shrink in size. Over this six week period, you results will still change slightly. It is important to follow your surgeons post operative care instructions as every surgeon has a slightly different post op protocol, at my office I recommend patients apply sterile 4x4’s soaked in an iced bath of sterile saline for up to four days, apply EMLA cream for pain and Mupirocin ointment to prevent infection and refine from any type of sexual activity for at least four to six weeks. I hope this helps! 
Best of luck in your recovery!

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Swollen and bruised after labiaplasty?

Bruising with swelling always raises the possibility of blood trapped under the scar (a hematoma). You should see your surgeon asap because a hematoma can easily cause a scar separation.

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Post-Op Healing for Labiaplasty

Swelling after #Labiaplasty is usually present for several weeks.  It’s possible that swelling can persist for two or three months Firmness of tissue can remain for 4-6 months. Postoperative care will usually consist of sitz baths or soaking the area in warm soapy water starting approximately 2 days after a surgery.  The sutures will dissolve over the course of several weeks.  This will in part depend upon the #Labiaplasty technique used, the amount of brusing and they way in which your body heals. Ice can help reduce swelling. Arnica and Bromelain may help.  Direct massage may be useful as well, so there should be a little that you can do to help the swelling on your own. If any pain or discomfort continues you should not hesitate to see your surgeon in person to have the healing progression evaluated. I wish you the best, and hopefully the healing continues to improve.

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Labiaplasty: Postoperative Healing

Thank you for your question.  Swelling is common after labiaplasty with the amount dependent in part based on the time since surgery.  The final result will be seen after several months, which at that time one can evaluate if a secondary surgery would be recommended.  I would recommend contacting the surgeon who performed the original surgery to evaluate your current condition.  If you wish to be evaluated for a secondary procedure, I would recommend an experienced cosmetic genital surgeon. 

Best of luck.     

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can produce impressive bruising and swelling and as long as one side isn't much larger than the other side, its will all be attributed to swelling and you should see progressive improvement as time passes. Your surgeon should be able to provide you the reassurances you need at your upcoming appointment.  If you are having progressive swelling on one side with increasing pain, that is a hematoma until proven otherwise.

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Had a labiaplasty 6 days ago and I'm still very swollen and bruised, is that normal?

Thank you for your question. I would recommend that you discuss this question with your surgeon. Your surgeon is the best resource when questions arise. They are most familiar with your medical history and details of your surgery.

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I'm very bruised & swollen first week after labiaplasty so I'm asking you guys instead of my surgeon

Yes it's normal to be amazingly swollen & bruised (the "Frankenstein vulva! It WILL get better soon!), BUT-- this is a question to ask your surgeon. How I do it is I ask my patients to text me a PHOTO or attach pics to an e-mail so I can evaluate & see if there's a problem. I am available 24/7 to my post-op patients; any decent surgeon is (or has a "surrogate" taking calls if he/she is away). Call your surgeon! Odds are you are fine and the swelling will dissipate soon. You may use ibuprofen (with food) 600 mg (3 OTC tabs) every 6 hours for 3-4 days; will do wonders for the swelling! The video & weblink below will help!
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Pain and swelling after labiaplasty

Hi Melissa,
It's difficult to tell what is really going on without any photos. It's very common to have bruising and swelling after labiaplasty and sometimes it looks better right after the procedure and then the swelling and bruising begins, which can be alarming to patients if they aren't aware of that possibility. Icing is very important also. But if you are hurting that much and bleeding rather than spotting, it is important to go in and see your doctor sooner than later in case there is something else going on. Good luck to you.
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Had a labiaplasty 6 days ago and I'm still very swollen and bruised, is that normal?

It is normal to have swelling and bruising after labiaplasty and this can persist for a few months after surgery.  Spotting from incisions is also expected post procedure and can last for a few weeks.  The best recommendation is to continue icing the area and see your surgeon as scheduled.   An in person exam of the labia is the best means to evaluate healing and to address any concerns you may have.   If you are concerned about waiting three more days, call your surgeon to follow up sooner. 

George Shashoua, MD
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