I have pain/abnormal redness around my nipples have increased. Do I have Capsular Contracture?

I saw my surgeon 7/1 and he said I was healing good. He said it wasn't CC, and probably just increased internal swelling from being over active post op. However, pain/abnormal redness around my nipples have increased. I have confidence in my surgeon but I'd appreciate some second opinions. Both breasts' are more firm than "morning boob" and extremely tight. My pain has changed in the last few days from the normal post op pain to just dull & very tight. I appreciate your time.

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Pain and redness and tight feeling around new breast implants

Without a physical examination it is difficult to properly answer your question.   However early after breast augmentation, especially with larger breast implants placed and smaller breasts, a feeling of tightness, swelling and discomfort in the skin and some redness can be a common occurrence.

After the first few weeks the breast skin should accommodate the new implant and the tight feeling should improve significantly.

However it is important that you are followed closely by your plastic surgeon.  If the pinkness or redness increases, you develop a temperature, are you developed burning pain then you should see your plastic surgeon immediately to rule out an infection.  Capsular contraction would be extremely unusual this early in your recovery and is very unlikely.

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