TCA full-face peel 30% 4 days after TCA Cross 30% - worried about scarring?

I had a TCA Cross 30% done last June 24, 2016 (Friday) then after about 3 days, scabs have formed. I have accidentally scratched off one or two of the scabs then it left a depressed mark! I panicked so I contact my dermatologist then he said that proceeding with a full-face TCA Peel 30% so that my skin will be evened out. The rest of my face frosted except for the areas that were already treated with TCA Cross, those with scabs. Please tell me what's most likely to happen to my face!

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I recently answered a similar question you asked about the results of a TCA peel. It is important that you see a board certified dermatologist for an in person evaluation and further treatment. Preventative skin care is needed at this time. Best, Dr. Emer

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