What is my surgeon supposed to do? (Photo)

Dear doctors, I was operated 1.5 year ago of a closed septorhinoplasty (chronical synusis + a small bump) but now I have a collapsus on the right side, a hanging columella (do I?). I hab grafting on my tip (wasn't planned before the op) and now it is weird, mostly on the left side and on profile when I pinch my lips the way I do on the pics. At last, I still have a bit of the hump on the right side. What would you doctors recommend me to do? Do I need an open approach for the tip? Thanks in advance.

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Revision Rhinoplasty

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You have a deviated asymmetrical bridge, wide poorly projected tip and a hanging columella. Unfortunately your previous experience with rhinoplasty surgery demonstrates how difficult this procedure can be; a revision is even more challenging. Consult with an experienced revision specialist.

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What is my surgeon supposed to do?

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Without pre-op photos and , benefit of physical exam, reading the op-report - it's difficult to comment accurately. Your current aesthetic condition is certainly less than optimal. Improvement will certainly require another surgical procedure. The exact plan should only be made after thorough physics exam and review of the op-report as mentioned earlier.

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