5 weeks post-op, how long should I experience a swollen stomach and tenderness after liposuction? (photo)

 It's been 5 weeks and I'm looking really swollen above the area ? I wear the garment every day like asked...

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Post Liposuction Irregularities, Swelling -- Try Massage, Exilis Ultra/Cellutone or Venus Legacy With Your Compression

It is likely that you needed a HI DEF type procedure to get more contouring, but at this time massage, radiofrequency like exilis and venus legacy and vanquish should be performed.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Swelling after liposuction

The majority of swelling subsides by around six weeks.

Patient should expect to see results close to final by three months and final results or seen by six months.

Some people may have swelling longer than others.

It's not uncommon that the areas adjacent to compression garments show some swelling.

In our practice we has patients to wear compression garments for two weeks and longer only if they find them helpful.

I personally don't think compression garments have any significant impact on final results.

Please follow up with your doctor and have him or her address your concerns in person.


Mats Hagstrom 

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Healing after liposuction

Thank you for your question. Healing after liposuction is usually pretty straight forward.  There is a process of swelling and bruising that peaks at 3 days after surgery and then undergoes the first stage of major resolution in the first 2 weeks after surgery.  The later phase of healing takes place over the 2-3 months after surgery where everything really settles and softens.  It is after this time that we are getting close to the final result, though this varies patient to patient.  We typically have our patients wear compression garments on the areas we did liposuction to help the skin and underlying tissues re-adhere as well as reduce swelling. However, if you garments are too tight they can restrict lymphatic drainage and blood flow leading to more swelling and complications. 

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Swelling after liposuction

Thank you for asking about your liposuction swelling.

  • Swelling is the big problem after liposuction.
  • It will go away but takes months to do so.
  • Swelling tends to be better in the morning, worse by the end of the day.
  • If you aren't seeing improvement and area concerned, have your surgeon check you.

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

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