I have stiches inside my nose after Revision Rhinoplasty. It is sticking out. Is it okay to take them out?

on july 7 i had my revision rhinoplasty and i have been seeing strings inside my nose that is noticeable because they are sticking out . i want to take them out because they are really noticeable is that ok? i tried pulling one out with a tweezer but it was really hard to come out . so i stopped because i dont want to do anything wrong . i think they are coming from my nostril alar rim since he putted grafts .

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Internal nasal sutures sticking out

I would check with your surgeon before removing sutures yourself. Only your surgeon can say whether it's ok to remove them.

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Sutures in nostrils after rhinoplasty can be present for weeks-

Dear Ella

  • Discuss this with your surgeon as only they know what sutures are placed 
  • In general, the sutures in the nostrils will dissolve in a 2-4 weeks, but if not, a q-tip with some antibiotic ointment or vaseline can help dissolve the sutures.
  • Pulling on the sutures is not a good idea as you could introduce bacteria
Best Wishes

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Revision Rhinoplasty Concerns due to protruding sutures.

Dear ellaaa18, Please see your surgeon and he/she can trim the sutures for you if they are dissolvable sutures and assess your recovery. I would not suggest pulling or cutting any sutures and leave this to your surgeon. If you are not near your surgeon anymore and can not get in to see your surgeon have the office refer you to someone in your area for follow up care. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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Visible Stitches/Sutures after Revision Rhinoplasty

Dear ellaaaa18~

It sounds as if you are describing dissolvable sutures that are frequently used inside the nose during rhinoplasty. These sutures can take several weeks to dissolve on their own.  It should be fine to trim them, but I would not suggest pulling on them because you could disrupt the incisions.  Sometimes you can speed the dissolving process by cleaning just inside your nose with a q-tip soaked in diluted hydrogen peroxide.  However, please check with your surgeon before doing anything to your sutures.

Best wishes for your recovery,
Amy Hsu

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